Is David Spade Bald?

david spade bald

David Spade is one of the legendary comedians from the past 20 years, give or take, and one of his trademarks is definitely his hair.

But as the years went by, it’s only natural that people started presuming that David is actually going bald, and that because of that, he wears a toupee.

This is only partly true and if you are eager to find out if David Spade is indeed bald, be sure to stick around and find out everything you need to know about it.

Is David Spade Bald?

If you are wondering if David Spade is bald, then the answer to your question is no, he isn’t bald, and many people around him have confirmed that.

Gary McCarty was asked this same question a while ago because he had the pleasure of working with David on a movie set in Hawaii.

“David is not bald and I can confirm this because we recently worked together on a movie in Hawaii. Also, I must add that David is a super cool and chill guy. He’s naturally funny and above all, he’s not an egomaniac,” McCarty stated.

“He even managed to find some spare time and pose in a couple of photos with fans,” McCarty added.


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Back in 2018, David was spotted on a date with a cute blond and his hair was a wreck, but you could clearly see that it was his natural hair, no doubt about it.

Therefore, you have it, David Spade is not bald, but even if he showed signs of baldness, we are sure that he would quickly take action and undergo some treatments.

Does David Spade Wear a Toupee?

Although David is not bald, he wore toupees in a couple of movies and fans suspect that one of these movies is the Netflix Originals “The Wrong Missy.”

This is a completely normal thing for actors because they are known for changing their appearance for different roles. But does David actually wear a toupee in this movie?

Many fans believed that David wears a wig in this movie and some jokes were made in the movie about his hair as well.

Missy is a character from this movie and on one occasion, she made a joke regarding Spade’s hair, saying that it looks like ‘a shameless wig.’

Although many fans were certain that David wears a wig in this movie, it appears that it was only speculation and that he actually does not wear a wig.

Even though it’s not a toupee, David dyed his hair from blond to brunette, which is probably one reason this assumption was made.

Besides “The Wrong Missy,” this time, David was actually wearing a toupee in the 1995 movie “Tommy Boy.”

There are no speculations regarding this because in one scene in the movie, his character stands near a fan and it blows his hair away.

For this role, David wore a bald cap and a toupee over it. In this scene where the fan blows away his hair, he even jokingly says, “guys don’t tell anyone about this”, while shining his bald cap.