Is Dana White a Billionaire?

UFC would not be where it is currently if it were not for the wise leadership in Dana White, who took it from grass to grace. But did he also earn his wealth while growing it?

Dana Fredrick White Jr. is an American businessman popularly known as the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Being a multi-billion company, most have been asking what Dana White’s net worth could be.

 Before becoming president in 2001, White was not well off. But his fortune has been increasing exponentially, and he is reported to be earning around $20 million a year. Is he a billionaire? Keep reading to find out more.

Dana White’s Humble Background

Born in Manchester, Connecticut, in 1969 to June and Dana White, he had a humble upbringing. At the age of 17, he started his boxing career. Two years later, he pursued boxing, training other people, fighting, and managing them.

At that time, conducting such an operation in Boston was challenging as the Boston mob moved around collecting money to let you operate. White was required to pay $2,500 to work in the area. This was the end of this milestone, and he decided to move to Las Vegas since he couldn’t afford the amount.

Once he got to Las Vegas, he managed two fighters, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz who fought in the UFC.

Following a disagreement in one of the fighters’ contracts, Dana realized that UFC was financially troubled and was about to go bankrupt. He took an interest in this and informed his friends, the Fertitta brothers, who bought the UFC for $2 million. The brothers appointed Dana White as President of the UFC in 2001.  Although 

UFC struggled initially. White steered it into a money-making company and was later sold in 2016 for a whopping $4 billion. The brothers also gave White a 9% stake in the Zuffa LLC that bought and managed the UFC.

UFC Under Dana White

Before he became president, UFC faced bankruptcy. He transformed the company, making it a multi-billion business, becoming a millionaire in the process.

White increased advertisements, pay-per-view, and DVDs. They also got into reality TV series.

UFC rose back from ashes when they organized the UFC 40 event in 2002 with a fight between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock. This was the first event they made money from an event.

Under his leadership, the company turned to be the largest MMA proportion company worldwide.

Today, UFC fights are aired in 175 nations and have over 100 training facilities in the world. Even after it was sold, he remained the president. He will remain president for the next five years.

In 2018, he secured a partnership with ESPN, giving them exclusive rights to the UFC.

Although the company might have felt the pandemic’s severity, White has still managed to put on some events.

Dana White’s Net Worth

Dana White has earned a lot of his wealth as president of the UFC. He has an estimated net worth of $500 million and earns around $20 million every year.