Is Christine Baumgartner Related to Brian Baumgartner?

Kevin Costner’s wife, fashion designer, and model, Christine, shares a name with Brian Baumgartner, an actor who played “Kevin Malone” in the NBC sitcom The Office for nine years.

Is there anything they share beyond a name? Are they related? Keep reading to find out more.

About Christine Baumgartner

Christine Baumgartner was born on March 4, 1974, in LA, California. Her father is James “Jim” Baumgartner, while her mother’s name has never been revealed publicly. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from California State University Fullerton.

Christine also has a sister and brother whose names are not known either.

Christine did not come into the public eye until she was married to Kevin Costner, an American actor best known for his role in the Yellowstone TV series.

The handbag designer and model has three children with Kevin. She is 20 years younger than her husband, whom she met at a golf course in 1980. Their love did not kick off immediately until 18 years later when they met again in a restaurant and exchanged their numbers. At the time, Costner had divorced his first wife, Cindy Silva.

Costner and Christine dated for a while before splitting in 2002 because Costner did not like the idea of having more kids with Christine. He already had four children in his previous relationships.

However, the couple reunited and got married officially in 2004 in Colorado. 

Christine is known to have worked for several brands as a handbag designer. She also owns her own handbag design company, Cat Bag Couture, which her husband encouraged and helped her establish. She collaborated with her friend Tamara and opened it in 2004. In fact, Cat is an acronym for “Christine and Tamara.”

Tamara later left the business, citing family reasons. Christine then renamed the Business CBC Brand. CBC stands for her marriage name, Christine Baumgartner Costner.


About Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner was born on November 29, 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia. All his parents’ names are not revealed to the public. It’s not known whether he has siblings or not.

At a young age, Brian aspired to be a baseball player. This dream was crushed when he had a leg injury at 13. He shifted his focus to performing arts, where he found his passion in acting.

Brain attended Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School and graduated from The Westminster Schools. Brian also attended Southern Methodist University. He graduated from the University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

He moved from Georgia to Los Angeles in 2003, hoping to find a role in film and television. 

After four years, together with his cast in the web series “The Office: The Accountants,” a spin-off from the famous TV Series, The Office. 

He later appeared in several TV Series and films such as ‘Into Temptation,’ ‘Dirty Girl,’ ‘Ordinary World,’ and ‘Four Christmases.’

In 2014, Brian Baumgartner married Celeste Ackelson with whom they had a child named Brylee Bea Baumgartner 2015.

Is Christine and Brian Baumgartner Related

There is no solid evidence hinting they are related. Christine was born in California, while Brian was born in Georgia. We assume that they just share a name since there’s no clear information about their families.