Is Bryson Dechambeau Married?

Bryson Dechambeau has seen a meteoric rise in world golf rankings. After his debut PGA Tour win in 2017, the enthusiastic golfer has gone from strength to strength.

Dechambeau has won tournaments like the Memorial Tournament, Dell Technologies Championship, the 2020 US Open and Northern Trust.

As is the norm, success draws a lot of interest into your personal life. Dechambeau’s is no exception. 

Fans are now keen to know who the revered pro-golfer is going out with. Is he married? Read on to find out more about DeChambeau’s private love life.

Bryson Dechambeau background

Bryson Dechambeau is a professional golfer, and at the age of just 26, he has already achieved so much.

Born in Louisiana on 14th October 1992 to parents who are both teachers, it was no surprise that Bryson would excel academically and on-court or field. There’s even some evidence to suggest that he began playing golf at the age of two!

After attending Louisiana State University, Dechambeau went on to study civil engineering and finished with a bachelor’s degree in 2012. He had already qualified for his first PGA Tour event by this point.

Still, Dechambeau turned down his place so he could focus on qualifying again (successfully) through traditional means without jeopardizing his education.

Dechambeau is one of those players that seem destined for success from an early age. You can see why he has become such a famous golfer in recent years due to his unique brand of analytical play mixed in with traditional technique gracefully.

If you’re wondering if Bryson Dechambeau is married, then don’t worry because we all know that there will be plenty more tournaments coming up before long!

Bryson Dechambeau – the Physicist

Dechambeau’s love of learning carries over into his golf game. He is one of the most scientific players on tour, often citing geometry and physics as key in helping him with ball motion and control.

He has been quoted saying, “I just want to be scientifically correct about everything I do out there.” This makes sense given Dechambeau’s degree choice, but it does make for some challenging conversations around the dinner table!

Who is Bryson Dechambeau’s wife?

Bryson Dechambeau enjoyed a long-term relationship with former world champion golfer Lexi Thompson who he began dating back in 2016 before they became engaged two years later.

The couple did not tie the knot but expressed their intention to do so once they’ve had time to enjoy their newly won status on the golf circuit. It isn’t known if Lexi and Bryson are still together or not. Aside from science, Bryson loves his privacy!

Fast forward to 2018: Dechambeau met Sophia Phalen Bertolami.

Dechambeau and Sophia Bertolami

They began dating in 2018, and the golfer has posted on social media about their relationship.

However, Dechambeau is so private that he doesn’t post pictures with Sophia or other personal information online. Given the timeline, it’s not clear if they are married, but it seems like a fair assumption to make at this stage!

So, there you have it, folks. Dechambeau’s marital status is currently unknown. Over his career, he has dated several women with no intentions of marriage. Or maybe the intentions are there. It is not known. However, Dechambeau’s relationship with Bertolami (the Instagram model) is the most recent.