Is Billie Eilish Gay?

When you think of Pop Music in the future, Billie Eilish is certainly part of it. At only 19 years old, Billie is one of the most famous teenagers streamed across the globe.

After several trials in acting and dancing, she finally found her music niche after recording her first album, which scored six billion streams on Spotify. Besides her musical success at a young age, people are also curious about her sexual orientation and romantic life. Questions about her sexual identity were inspired by one of her songs, “Wish You Were Gay.” So, is she gay?

Is she gay?

Despite her album appearing to have an affection for gays, Eilish does not identify as gay but as a heterosexual. Currently, she is in a relationship with Jesse Rutherford. Previously she dated Matthew Tyler Vorce and Brandon Quentin Adams.

Although she is not gay, she has made a point that she does not respect those who are. After lots of controversy about the album, she has learned how to relate to the LGBTQ community more sensitively and healthily.

‘Wish You Were Gay’

Billi Elish released her fourth single album titled ‘Wish You Were Gay’ on March 4th, 2019. The song got most of her fans wondering what was the whole idea of the song’s title and the lyrics and to what extent they represented her personal life.

On first listening to the song or reading its title, you could have thought Billie had an unrequited crush on another girl. However, Eilish explained to her fans on her Instagram story what inspired her to do the song.

Billie claimed to have been madly in love with her childhood crush at 14, but her crush went unreturned. This made her wish he was gay so that the boy could have an understandable reason for not dating her, and she wouldn’t feel so bad about it.

Coincidentally, weeks later, the childhood crush who inspired the song admitted that he was gay weeks later.