In the Dark Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

When “In the Dark” premiered in 2018, there were a lot of questions about whether the audience would react positively to the show. 

However, as soon as the first season ended, we got our answer – everyone loved it. 

This drama follows a blind woman on her life journey as she tries to solve her friend’s murder while at the same time managing her love life and work.

The show aired for a total of three seasons and there is good news for all the fans out there – the producers are officially coming out with a season four. 

Let’s check out the details. 

In the Dark Season 4 Possible Release Date

Sadly, the exact release date is still unknown to the public, but we got a pretty decent guess. All of the other three seasons premiered somewhere in the middle of the year.

Both the first and the second season debuted in April 2019 and 2020, while the third season premiered in June 2021.

Of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything, but some rumors state that the producers are a bit superstitious with this tradition, which is why it’s not impossible to rule out the months from April to July as potential release dates. 

In the Dark Season 4 Cast Members

While the official social media accounts of In the Dark were a bit quiet lately, they did post the list of season four’s main cast members.

The list includes Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell, Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace, Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens, Classy Deidrick as Max Parish, and Keston John as Darnell James.

Probably the most lovable character from the whole series was the golden retriever Pretzel, who shared a lot of on-screen and off-screen time with Parry Mattfeld.

And, if you were wondering whether Pretzel would show his cute paws again in season four, the answer is yes!

In the Dark Season 4 Potential Plotline

Considering how season three ended, there are a lot of potential storylines that the creators could explore in season four. 

The official information about the plot is still a mystery, so all we can do is speculate. 

Here is a popular theory among fans.

In the third season, we can see Murphy as she searches for her friend Jess. Jess faked her own death to escape police custody after she killed Nia Bailey in self-defence.

Murphy eventually finds her well and alive, working a low profile job in a pet store. In all that commotion, the police find their location, and while Jess manages to escape, Murphy’s luck isn’t that great and she ends up in prison.

The fourth season will definitely continue the story from the third, and we can expect to see Murphy’s battle to clear her name and try to get out of prison. 

We can also hope to see Jess and Murphy working on their relationship problems and figuring out ways to ‘normalize’ things. 

Ultimately, there are a bunch of interesting twists that we can expect, and we will scratch the surface once the trailer gets released. 

Until then, we can enjoy some other great shows to try and pass the time faster.