How to Whisper in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the greatest video games of all time. It has attracted millions of players worldwide. Many gamers playing the real-world simulation game have been trying to figure out how to execute some commands. How to whisper in Minecraft is one of the most searched questions. 

If you have also been wondering how to whisper in Minecraft, you are just about to find out.

About Minecraft

Minecraft has been around since 2009. It is so exciting that you easily find yourself hooked. In the game, your avatar is exploring the world, collecting resources, and using items. Everything is in the form of cubes. The exploration is thrilling. From a new randomly generated world, and you can even run out of hard disk space. 

You will come across random features like rivers, caves, mountains. There are also chickens, pigs, and other animals which can be kept and bred. In the game world, 20 real-world minutes equals one day. Daytime is 10 minutes, and nighttime is also 10. The nights are more dangerous than the daytime. 

The game has many cool commands such as help, kill, give, and weather-type commands. All these commands allow you to change the whole Minecraft world.

Whispering is a helpful tool if you want to communicate with another player without others knowing. It can also be used if you’re going to play jokes on another player. Whispering only happens through in-game commands. 

How to whisper in Minecraft

Whispering in Minecraft takes a few easy steps. The game provides options for whispering to all the players, closest players, all entities, random people, or whisper to yourself. First, you need to open the chat window. Opening the chat window is different depending on the version of Minecraft. After opening the chat window, type in the following command:


Several options will be listed for you to choose who you would like to whisper your message to. 

You can select among the options given as follows:

Select @a if you want to whisper a message to all the players in the game

Select @e if you want to speak to all entities

Select @p if you want to whisper a message only to the players near you

Select @r if you want to whisper a message to random people

Select @s if you want to whisper a message to yourself. 

Your message will be sent showing your username followed by the message. 

Alternatively, you can use the command /msg or /whisper if the above command is not working. 

Some of the platforms in which whisper is supported include Pocket edition form version(0.16.0), Java Edition, Xbox edition form version(1.12), PS4 from version (1.14.0), Windows 10, Nintendo switch and Education edition. 

Final Thoughts

Whispering in Minecraft is as easy as chatting on social media. With a few practices, you will quickly become a pro. Now that you have learned how to whisper, you can go ahead and use this feature to enhance your overall gaming experience and have a great time chatting privately with your buddies while gaming.