How to Watch Perfect Blue: Where It’s Streaming Online

While finding quality vintage movies and TV shows isn’t that hard, it’s a whole different story when it comes to animated films. 

“Perfect Blue” came out in 1997, more than two decades ago, but nobody forgot about it.

These days “Perfect Blue” is one of the most desirable animated movies and many people wonder where they can actually watch this old-time classic.

Here we will display all of the available official platforms on which you can watch “Perfect Blue”.

Where Can I Watch Perfect Blue?

Below you can find a list of platforms where you can watch “Perfect Blue,” but keep in mind that these options are not free. These are official platforms that you will need a paid membership for. 


If you already have Netflix and still can’t find “Perfect Blue,” don’t panic because it will be ‘hidden’ for most of you.

Netflix uses an algorithm that blocks certain parts of the world and by doing that, some content will simply be invisible to you.

Lucky for you, we have found the solution. At this very moment, the show is only watchable if you are from Spain but don’t worry if you are from a different part of the world. 

All you need to do is download NORDVPN, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows you to change your current internet location to any location in the world.

When you download the NORDVPN app or any high-quality VPN app, all you need to do is connect to one of the Spain servers in the app and refresh your Netflix app and you will be good to go. Simple as that.

Amazon Prime

Just like with Netflix, you will also need a VPN app because “Perfect Blue” is blocked for most countries on Amazon Prime.

Just keep in mind that “Perfect Blue” is not free on Amazon Prime and you will have two options. To buy it or rent it. $6.99 is the price if you want to buy it (in HD, of course) and $2.99 if you choose to rent it.

All you need to do is choose some of the US servers with the help of the VPN app, and you will be good to go.