How to Watch Fairy Tail in Order

For all of you that enjoy watching a relaxing anime after coming home from a long day of work, the show ‘Fairy Tail’ should be on top of your ‘to-watch’ list. 

This adventure-fantasy anime has an interesting plotline flow revolved around a pretty simple but powerful theme – the power of friendship.

Like most anime series, this one also has a bunch of episodes, fillers, OVA, and specials, which is why it might be confusing to figure out the right order to watch it. 

Fortunately, we did all the heavy lifting for you. 

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about the anime and learn how to watch “Fairy Tail” in order. 

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Fairy Tail Plot

Magic and mystery are two completely ordinary things in the land of Fiore. There, you can encounter many magic guilds and everything is revolved around them. 

In the guilds, you can find similar-minded mages and pair with them so you can all work together on various quests.

Apart from these various areas, the Fairy Tail guild stands proudly above them since strength, spirit, and family are its main forces of power.

The main character is an inexperienced mage called Lucy Hearfilia. On her journey to find celestial gate keys, this girl stumbles upon many challenges while trying to become a member of the Fairy Tail guild. 

While on her journey, Lucy meets Natsu Dragneel and Happy. These two are on a resilient mission to find the Dragon Igneel, Natsu’s father.

During the journey, Lucy meets a man that tricks her and tries to abduct her, but Natsu rushes to her rescue. 

In this unfortunate event, Lucy’s luck emerges as Natsu tells her that he is a member of the famous guild she so desperately wants to join and he invites her.

Upon their arrival at the guild, Lucy meets the other members, such as Gray Fullbuster, a powerful ice wizard and Erza Scarlet, who is a master magic swordsman.

From that point on, the newly formed ‘family’ begins their journey and goes on to battle the dark forces and help everybody in need.

The Best Place to Watch Fairy Tail

Lucky for you, there are a bunch of platforms where you can watch “Fairy Tail.” The only problem might be if some of the platforms aren’t supported in your country. 

Hulu, Funimation, Netflix, Tubi, Animelab, and Crunchyroll are the best options you have to easily watch “Fairy Tail.”

Fairy Tail Chronological Watching Order

Here is a chronological order of how to watch Fairy Tail (including OVA’s and specials). 

  • Fairy Tail (Season 1- Season 2) – Episode 1-68
  • Fairy Tail OVA 1 Welcome to Fairy Hills!!
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 2 Fairy Academy
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 3 Memory Days
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 2- Season 4) – Episode 69-124
  • ⁠⁠MOVIE – Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 4- Season 5)- Episode 125-150
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 6 Fairy Tail X Rave
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 6) – Episode 151-154
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 4 Fairies’ Training Camp
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 6) – Episode 155-170
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 5 The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 6) – Episode 171-175
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 7) – Episode 176-203
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 7 Fairies’ Penalty Game
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 7) – Episode 204-233
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 8 Natsu vs. Mavis
  • ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 9 Fairies’ Christmas
  • ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 7- Season 8) – Episode 234-277
  • ⁠MOVIE – Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry
  • Fairy Tail (Season 9)