How Tall Is Markiplier Actually?

When we start counting the tallest stars in Hollywood, we’re often tempted to count Markiplier twice. His height has definitely been the center stage for many discussions, not forgetting his general physique.

Obviously, he’s not as tall as Dwayne Johnson and other giants who stand above 6’4. However, Markiplier’s height has been enough to spark a lot of curiosity among his fans. How tall is he actually? 

So, how tall is Markiplier?

Markipler is 1.78 meters in height. This translates to 5’10 inches.

He also weighs 79kgs. To those who have been asking, there you have it. Whatever you do with this information is up to you.

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Who is Markiplier?

Even most of his fans know him by this name. But did you know Markiplier isn’t his real name?

Markiplier is actually the YouTube channel owned by a YouTuber and blogger called Mark Edward Fischbach. But many prefer calling him Markiplier, just to make everything easy. He doesn’t mind anyway.

If you’re a video game fan, then you may have come across this channel. Markiplier has made his name as a YouTuber through his popular video commentaries that he conducts with unusual, captivating, and intense voices.

He also applies vulgar comments but has mastered how to accommodate them in different languages, which has won him the hearts of many millennials. 

Where does Markiplier Come from?

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 28. His father was in the military, while his mother is Korean

. Markiplier has attempted several times to speak Portuguese, but his attempts have not yet yielded any success as he has been seen struggling with it.

At 18, his father passed on after fighting cancer for a long. After facing depression, he opted to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. But he didn’t have a passion for it and called it quits, going straight into YouTube.

Since Uploading his first video on March 6, he has learned to connect with the young generation that makes up a larger percentage of those who enjoy and play video games. His commentary is usually characterized by shouting, cursing, and sometimes crying. 

He has used his channel to give back to society also. For instance, he has raised money for hospitals, including Cincinnati children’s hospital and many more.

He usually says “health is a right, not a business.” His channel has so far raised over $3 million for hospitals and charities. 

Today (June 29, 2021), Markiplier’s YouTube channel has over 29.4 million subscribers and over 15,962,736,396 views.

He has earned the “Most Caring YouTuber” for the gratitude he shows to his fans and how he has helped raise funds for charity.

In 2017, Markiplier was named the most influential YouTuber, ahead of notable figures such as Pewdiepie and Whinderssonnunes.

Relationship and Net Worth

Markiplier is said to be in a stable relationship with his long-term partner and friend Amy Nelson. Amy is an animator and graphic designer by profession.

Although he likes the cameras, Markiplier has been able to keep most information about their relationship a secret.

The YouTuber is among those who became millionaires before hitting 30.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $9 million, while some sources claim he could be as high as $16 million.