How Much Money Does John Madden Make From the Video Game?

John Madden is a well-known American football commentator who has been in the business for over four decades. He is also well known for the vast amount of wealth he has collected throughout his career.

Since he has engaged in many ventures, people don’t really know his net worth.

However, his fans understand that he made a lot from his video game franchises. But, what amount did he make from them? Let’s find out.

Madden was born on April 08, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota.

As a child, he grew up with six siblings. Madden’s father, Alex, worked as an electrician for the local power company of New York. On the other hand, his mother Matilda raised their children at home.

During his high school days, John excelled in both football and baseball. But later on, he chose to pursue the former path because the latter did not give him enough opportunities.

College Football

In his college football career, Madden led the California Bears to a 28-14 record.

In 1960, he received the All-American honors and W. J. Voit Memorial Trophy.

These were annual awards given to Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) players with leadership, character, and performance both on and off the field.

Professional Football

After graduating from Berkeley in 1961 with a degree in physical education, John took part in several tryouts but he failed them all until finally landing a spot for Philadelphia Eagles.

He mainly played at the defensive back position before being traded over to Oakland Raiders that same year. This was after then-coach Harland Svare noticed him when his team played against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hence, Madden became a starting defensive back for Raiders in 1962. He was selected to Pro Bowl that same year before being named as an All-Pro player.

Madden had led his team to seven out of nine wins. At this time, the team had injuries and fatigue, making many fans consider him as one of the best cornerbacks in NFL.

Madden’s Professional Career

Madden rose to fame when he guided his team to their first winning season, and during this time, they won their first AFL Championship game over New York Jets.

He was one of two coaches involved in all four Super Bowls played during 1970. John transformed into a household name after broadcasting NBC Sports’ telecast of Super Bowl XI.

His former teammate Fred Biletnikoff became MVP due to his game-changing catch against the Minnesota Vikings late in the fourth quarter led them to win 32-14.

During this time, he started to get into TV broadcasting that introduced him to the world of entertainment.

John Madden’s Famed Career in Television and Beyond

In 1981, John became a commentator for Monday Night Football. This made him one of the most prominent figures in the television sports business.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame twice. Once as a coach and once as a player. John also made it to NFL Coach of Year three times during 1969-70 and 1974 seasons respectively.

He also won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality – Commentator in 1988. The professional player then retired from football commentary after 17 years at ABC / ESPN broadcast booth.

This was not enough for how much money John Madden makes from the game franchise deal. In fact, since he invests in many other endeavors, his net worth stands at about $200 million.

How Much Money Does John Madden Make From the Video Game?

John Madden makes about $14 million a year from his video game franchise.

Even with that enormous wage, Madden’s years of coaching and commentary have been overshadowed by his involvement in video games.

In fact, the majority of John Madden’s personal wealth comes from the video game brand named after him.

Since 1988, Electronic Arts has been releasing NFL games with his name and image under the brand. The franchise continues to be a lucrative moneymaker year after year, having sold more than 90 million copies.

Madden has had numerous other brand endorsement arrangements over the years. He was earning $2 million per year through his partnership with Tenactin at its height.

Furthermore, Madden has endorsements with firms such as Toyota, Ace Hardware, Verizon Wireless, Outback Steakhouse, and Miller Lite.

It is clear that Madden’s net worth will only keep increasing as he makes more and more from video game endorsements.