How Much Does Rolex Pay Roger Federer?

It is no secret that Rolex has been the official timekeeper of Roger Federer for many years. The Swiss watchmaker pays him millions to wear their watches and promote them on his social media channels. However, the exact amount they pay him remains a mystery.

The world’s highest-paid athlete doesn’t make it public how much he earns from endorsements like this one. But estimates are floating around online. Let’s take a look at some of these estimates and what Rolex pays Roger Federer.

How Much Does Rolex Pay Roger Federer?

There have been rumors that Rolex pays him $40 million per year for his endorsement and sponsorship deal with them. This would put his yearly income from this endorsement alone above $20 million US dollars. 

One source also suggests they give him about 25% off on watches he wants to purchase himself. However, it isn’t clear if there is actually anything written up about their deal.

Other sources suggest it’s closer to $25 million per year, while others say Rolex pays him $12-18 million. It is believed that the Swiss watchmaker has an unlimited budget for paying Roger Federer. So, his exact earnings are uncertain. Some people estimate he makes around $30+ million from endorsements each year!

What do you think about the salary of Roger Federer? Do you know anyone who would be willing to pay more than $20/million for a celebrity endorsement?

How Much Does Roger Federer Make For Each Rolex Endorsement?

Roger receives an undisclosed amount for every time he wears their watch during major tennis tournaments or when at home. His contract gives him unlimited advertising rights within the European Union. Roger is allowed to wear it whenever he wants without counting as an endorsement.

He has been wearing Rolex watches since 2003 and often wears the most expensive models like the Day-Date, Daytona, or even a vintage watch from the 1950s. 

These watches can range in price from $12 000 to $5500 000! 

Andy Murray earns about $200 000 for each endorsement deal he signs with Adidas for comparison purposes. This is less than one percent of what Roger Federer makes every year!

The Swiss luxury timepiece brand also offers him unique edition pieces. These are impossible for anyone else to get their hands on because they’re limited edition.

Roger Federer’s Net Worth

Roger Federer has a net worth of $450 million. He is the second wealthiest tennis player globally, behind only Serena Williams, whose net worth comes out to $180 million. 

He was the wealthiest player in the sport from 2006 to 2009, and he has made $111 million US dollars since 2017.

Roger earns most of his money through endorsements with:

  • Wilson Racquet Sports
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Rolex SA
  • Jura Elektroapparate AG (watchmaker)
  • National Suisse UBS Bank Switzerland Ltd
  • The Net Jets Limited Partnership & many more! 

He also makes a lot of money by selling sponsorships on his website.