How Many Wives Did Hugh Grant Have?

Hugh John Mungo Grant is an English actor born in 1960.

All the movies he has acted in have gone on to rake in more than $3 billion, and this made him win a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, an Honorary Cesar, and a Volpi Cup.

The actor has five kids with two women making many people question if he has more than one wife.

In 2011, the actor had his firstborn daughter with Tinglan Hong.

His daughter’s name is Tabitha Jing Xi which means a happy surprise.

Hong and Grant had a ‘fleeting affair.’ According to Grant, she got a lot of negative attention from the media.

The attention Grant commanded from the press prevented him from going to his daughter’s birthday since Tinglan got an injunction that allowed him to see his children in peace.

In 2012, the actor had his second-born with Anna Eberstein.

Grant and Hong briefly reunited, resulting in his third child, Felix.

In 2015, Eberstein gave birth to Grant’s fourth child, and in 2018, his fifth child.

The two decided to get married in May 2018.

Who Is His Wife?

Anna Eberstein is a Swedish native who co-owns the London-based Scandinavian sock firm Ace Slippers.

Together with her cousin, she founded the company in 2014 “to bring a more edgy style to the traditional Swedish slipper sock.”

She also has a master’s degree in economics from Sweden’s Uppsala University.

She once worked at ESPN as a promotions producer for sales and marketing and developed marketing initiatives as a freelance creative director and producer.

Even though the actor prefers keeping details concerning his relationship with his wife hidden, their romance can be traced back to 2012, when Eberstein gave birth to their first child.

News of their relationship remained hidden until 2014, when it was discovered that Grant was named as her son’s father on his birth certificate in 2013.

In 2015, they welcomed their second child, and a few months before their wedding on May 25, 2018, they welcomed their third child together.

He Changed His Opinion on Marriage

Even though Grant has dated various celebrities in his prime, in 2016, he stated, “I can see the lovely aspect if you marry exactly the right person, your best friend, and it’s cozy and lovely.

I think there’s something unromantic about marriage… You’re closing yourself off.”

During a 2019 interview, he confessed that his long-held perception that he did not want a family was wrong.

He recently talked about gossip about why he married his wife.

In 2021, he posted an image that indicated, “Hugh Grant married Anna Eberstein for passport reasons.”

He replied, “No, I didn’t @Internet.

I married her because I love her.”

He was asked whether he was spending time looking into details about himself or his wife on the internet, and he stated that a friend had sent him the screenshot.

The Couple Has a Lively Relationship

During an interview in 2020, the actor joked that his wife does not like the projects that made him famous, starting from Noting Hill to Love Actually.

He revealed, “My wife is the man in our house, really.

She likes violent films, gangster films while I’m sitting there watching Roman Holiday or The Sound of Music or something.

So she’s never liked those films I did in the past, which are all romance and stuff. But now she’s starting to get a taste for [my work.”

He also stated that she enjoyed The Undoing and preferred other performers in the series.

He joked, “She’s in love with the murdered lady’s husband, played by Ismael Cruz Cordova, and she’s very in love with the cop, Edgar Ramírez’s part.”