How did Carrie Coon and Tracy Letts Meet?

Carrie Coon and Tracy Letts are renowned stage and film performers in their distinct aspects. She has had an outstanding career appearing in Fargo, Gone Girl, and The Leftovers, whereas he is famous for creating plays like Lady Bird, August: Osage County, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He has also been involved in various movies, TV shows, and theatrical productions. The couple is a perfect Hollywood couple. Even though they have been married for more than eight years, they make people think they met as teenagers since they love spending time together. So how did the couple meet? 

The two met while at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, a place Letty holds in high regard since the venue debuted his award-winning August: Osage County, released in 2008. They would later appear in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Carrie shot to stardom was in 2010 when she appeared in Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? It was an important step in her love life and career. The show was moved to Broadway, and Carrie got a nomination for her role. She met Tracy Letts, an actor, and play-writer, as they co-starred in the production. Letts also won an award for his performance in the show and has received five Oscar nominations for his role in The Big Short, Lady Bird, The Post, Little Women, and Ford v Ferrari. 

An Abnormal Wedding

The couple’s courtship and wedding seemed abnormal. They tied the knot in a health facility in 2013. The place of the wedding was attributed to Lett being rushed for an emergency procedure the day before the expiry of their marriage license, and they felt it was not logical to re-register. This may seem ridiculous, but they seem like the couple who would randomly text that they were getting married, considering many celebrities prefer high-end events, and to them, this was the ideal gift. What makes the couple sweet is their ability to work together on various productions. Coon asked Letts, “There’s never trepidation about whether or not that process will be successful because we always enjoy each other in that capacity, right?” Letts responded, “Oh, I much prefer when you’re at work. It makes my life better.”

Their Children

When the couple is not winning awards for their performances in movies and Broadway plays, they are loving parents to their lovely children. Their first child, Haskell Letts, was born in 2018. Carrie confirmed the news on social media with a caption that stated, “It’s true! ‘Fargo’s’ Carrie Coon Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child.” Sources say that the child was conceived in Evanston Hospital, and the name is a tribute to Tracy’s late grandfather Charles Haskell Letts. Their second child was born in 2021. Carrie was expectant while she filmed the drama, The Gilded Age, and thanked everyone since they were supportive of her situation. None of the crew members was hesitant, and everyone adapted to her situation. 

She also confessed that she felt lucky since she was not in an era when actresses had to conceal their pregnancies with oversized bags, laundry baskets, or baggy clothes. The actress says the crew members included her pregnancy all through filming, and she wore corseted costumes. Those tasked with providing costumes stated that she did an outstanding job concealing the pregnancy that very few people in post-production knew she was carrying a child. The fact that filming ended when she had a month left before conceiving shows that everything ran smoothly. She thanked all those who took part in making the movie.