Helene Boshoven Samuel (Leni Klum) – Bio, Net Worth, Father

I can do better! Leni Klum has followed the footsteps of her mother but doing it even better! At 17, she has already made her runway debut during the Berlin Fashion Week! More? She has featured along with her mother on the cover of Vogue Magazine January/February, German’s issue.

Quick Bio

Helene Boshoven Samuel is an American girl born in New York, United States. Boshoven is the first child of the famous German-American supermodel, Heidi Klum. She is the biological daughter of an Italian business mogul and formula one team owner, Flavio Briatore. 

Full names: Helene Boshoven Samuel

Date of Birth:  4th May 2004

Place of Birth: New York, United States

Age:17 years

Ethnicity: Mixed

Nationality: American

Nickname: Leni

Personal Life and Education

Helene was born on May 4, 2004. She was raised up in New York City.

Information on her education career is limited, but she seems to be brilliant and  have a good education. She is currently at a public high school where she is actively playing soccer and has turned the team into a cheerleader team. She will soon be joining college upon matriculation.


Helene Boshoven has four siblings. Three siblings are biological children to her mom Heidi and her step Father Seal while her half-sibling is from Flavio and his wife.

Her three siblings include two boys; Dahtu Samuel, born in 2005, Johan Samuel, born in 2006 and her baby sister Lou Sulola Samuel born in 2009.

Her half-sibling Nathan Falco Briatore was born in 2010.


Helene’s mother is a German-born supermodel, Heidi Klum, who started her modeling career at 18 years.

Heidi Klum landed a great deal with Victoria’s Secret when she moved to New York.

She has expanded her media personality ever since. Heidi has been a judge on America’s got talent and both a host and a judge of Project Runway.

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Who is Helene Boshoven Samuel biological father?

Klum was then dating  Briatore, an Italian businessman. She publicly declared her pregnancy in 2003.

However, weeks after the announcement, they broke up due to the distance between them and could hardly see each other.

Klum was living in New York City while her ex-husband Flavio was based in London. In an interview, Braitore termed their distance as ‘unbridgeable.’

Soon after their separation, Helene’s mom met Seal, an English songwriter and singer. They started dating while Heidi was still pregnant, and Seal proposed to her on top of Glacier Whistler. The duo later got married on May 10, 2005, with a colorful wedding held on a beach in Mexico.

Is Helene Boshoven Samuel adopted?

Having been brought up in an abusive family, Seal was determined to be a good father figure in Helene’s life.

He officially adopted her in December 2009, and she legally changed her name to Helene Samuel.

Career and Professional Life

Helene is a beautiful girl, and her height looks like that of a supermodel. She is undoubtedly following her mother’s footsteps and might soon start her modeling career. Moreso, Helene is a good singer.

Heidi has been arranging photoshoots for her daughter as she is interested in launching her career in modeling. However, she has not officially started her career as she is still young and growing but gets her income from fashion designing, acting, hosting television shows, and her singing career.

Appearance and Net Worth

Helene is 5’4 (1.62m) tall, has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

There is no information about Helene’s net worth since she is still a young teenager and does not possess a net worth.

But her mother’s net worth is $90 million. 

Hobbies and other Interests

Helene likes to watch movies with her favorite actors being Robin Williams and Matt Damon, while her favorite movies include ‘Minions’ and ‘Despicable Me.’

She also loves animals and usually visits zoos with her mother.

Her interests are in modeling as she looks forward to being just like her mother someday.


In the Vogue Magazine German issue for January/February, Helene reveals she has a boyfriend but does not mention him by name.

“My boyfriend and I both wanted to have a tattoo in our mouths. My mother didn’t like the idea.”

Her mother had her tattoo for her(now ex) husband Seal removed, and she doesn’t want her daughter to go through the pain.

Helene’s boyfriend lives in Los Angeles and has already been introduced to her grandparents, and Vogue notes. She even has his hockey jogging pants hanged in her wardrobe. She tells Vogues she stole them from him as a special memory.