Encanto 2: What We Know So Far

There is no going around the fact that Encanto is one of the most popular animated movies released in the 21st century. 

Image courtesy: Disney

With an incredible 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, astonishing praise from critics, and a $200 million revenue at the box office, this animated movie is simply impossible to ignore. 

Ever since the first part had been released, there has been only one thing on fans’ minds – will there be a part two? 


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While there still isn’t any official announcement, Disney is known for coming out of the blue with some amazing sequels (take Frozen for example). 

So will there be a part two of Encanto? Let’s check out what we know so far. 


Will there be an “Encanto 2”?

As we said, there is still no official announcement from Disney that Encanto 2 will be created. However, we do have some information from the movie’s producer, Germaine Franco. 

“I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s just a matter of time until we start filming Encanto 2,” Germaine said in an interview. 

Some of the other creators such as Lin-Emanuel Miranda have also stated about thinking about the potential story of the sequel. So far, there are two main options – a stage musical or a series. 

Miranda stated that he believes the best direction would be highlighting the notable family members like Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela. 

Lin-Emanuel stated: “The Madrigal family should be further ‘investigated,’ just think about how many personalities and intriguing stuff we built there, the tale’s end should be something more than just the end of the story for the main character.”


The Potential Plotline of Encanto 2 

At the end of Encanto, we have seen that the Madrigal family find out what their number one weakness was. During this ‘self-reflection’ period, they have been battling generational pressure and toxicity the whole time. 

Luckily, the family managed to rebuild their humble home, and thanks to Mirabel’s powers, the magic that once ran in their veins returned once again. 

However, this time, the Madrigals managed to identify their true value even without the use of their powers.

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We know that Encanto’s ending didn’t really finish with a cliff-hanger, but when has that stopped Disney before? 

Sure, the ending is satisfying, but there are a lot more interesting storylines that the writers can explore to intrigue the viewers. 

Some of the popular suggestions on Twitter were for the conquerors to return to Encanto 2 and discover the hidden village. 

Another user mentioned how Mirabel could leave home and try pursuing a different purpose in life. 

Or, maybe it’s time for the sequel to focus on the new generations of the Madrigals, with one of the members taking the ‘wrong path’. 

There are also some ‘heart-warming’ plotlines being suggested, for example, a huge crisis occurs in the village which causes the family to reunite and fight off the evil once again. 

Whatever story Disney chooses to follow through on, the fans will be patiently waiting for the arrival of their favourite animated movie of 2021.