Ellie Schnitt Biography, Net Worth & Personal Life

With versatile beauty and creative content, Ellie Schnitt became an Instagram sensation and influencer in a very short time.

There is no doubt in the fact that her entertainment content was loved by her fans which helped her reach the success and popularity that she has today.

The young internet star is one of the richest Instagram celebrities in the States! 

About Ellie Schnitt 

At the young age of 24, Ellie has accomplished more than most of us have through the internet.

She was born in the United States back in 1996 on 28th June and she has been living in the US ever since.

With a brown eye color, fair skin and light hair, she has all the gorgeous genes that make her popular among the youngsters. She is said to have a height of 5 feet 1 inches which is a pretty height for girls.

Her zodiac sign is cancer and she has an American nationality. 

Her career 

Ellie has been a one-man-army ever since she has been on social media. She started off by a few podcasts and videos that she posted on her Instagram and soon she saw a bloom in her followers and likes.

It was after the support she got that she decided to make things grow. She posted more about her social life and entertainment content for her viewers which led to a further increase in her followers.

Ellie then started collaborating with fellow stars and Instagrammers that made her more recognized. 

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Once she knew she had a good following, she brought things on YouTube where her channel gained subscribers like crazy. Since she was promoting it through her Instagram, it was only natural for her huge following to support her on the platforms as well. She then started posting on TikTok as well which made all three of her platforms gain followers and likes.

At this point she has a whopping follower count of around 180 thousand on Instagram and around 553 thousand on Twitter. As for her YouTube channel, she has nearly 13 thousand subscribers but she has way more views on her videos than the subscriber count. 

She started her social media career back in 2013 when she was only just a young girl and seeing her success over the years is amazing. She now posts everything related to her life including travelling, socials, friends, and whatnot. 

Net Worth

Since social media is the best way to earn quick fame and money, Ellie soon started making dollar bills through her social presence.

It was her collaborations, YouTube channels and much more that led her to a great net worth in a short period of time.

Her net worth is around 5 million dollars and her income every year through her social media platforms is around 100 thousand dollars!

It is evident how social media can bring you fame, money and popularity all in one! 

Personal life 

If you’re wondering about her life off of social media, let us tell you that Ellie has a very managed personal life which means that she takes all her relationships, her career and her studies together without compromising on any. 

As for recent days, Ellie isn’t involved with anyone romantically so don’t lose hope. There are rumors of her being involved with someone in the past but nothing about that has been confirmed as for now. She has a loving pair of parents Ron Schnittman and Laurie Baker. 

Sure Ellie is famous for her entertainment content on her socials but did you know that she’s also fond of singing?

Apparently, Ellie loves to sing and her plus point is her gorgeous voice. However, she doesn’t plan on taking it on as a career instead she just does it for fun and as a hobby. 

Ellie is also Jewish. Her family has a Jewish background and her mother works at a Jewish community center in Chicago but we don’t yet know if Ellie herself is religious or not. She might not be a believer and she might be a very strong one. 

It is still great to know how despite everything, Ellie has a great personality with a fun and sweet aura and she sure makes people smile from her content.