Does Rihanna write her own songs?

Rihanna is a world-famous music star with a special music genre. Although she is famous for her charitable works, her impeccable sense of fashion, and definitively her top and bestselling hit music. She has many hit songs she has sung in her incredible voice. It may not be wrong to call her the greatest artist of all time. But the question comes up: is she writing her songs or not? Fans are looking forward to finding out about it.

Rihanna is a worldwide pop star who has gained fame and recognition through music. When she was 16, she launched her first album, Music of the Sun. It is said that she has sold over two million copies worldwide of that album. She suffered a lot when she was a little girl. Her dad, a violent alcoholic, made her and her mother’s life miserable. She and her mom separated from her dad when she was 14. At that point, she decided to do something that might help her forget her dark past. And she found peace through music.

Does Rihanna Write her own Songs?

Yes, she does write songs but not all of them

She was introduced to the music industry by Jay Z. After giving several successful songs, she became the best vocalist in the world. As Rihanna became famous, people who were not glad of her arrival in the music industry began to bash her. When somebody takes a step towards success, there are a lot of rivals and troublemakers standing in the way

Something like that happened to Rihanna. At the peak of her career, people started accusing her of lacking originality. They claimed that Rihhana never wrote his songs. Well, there’s a lot of controversy around that, and people still don’t know if it’s true or not. She kept going and left her haters behind. Rihanna did not graduate from any school, she preferred singing and decided to pursue it as a career, and surprisingly, it worked.

As a singer, she focuses exclusively on singing. Regardless of whether she writes the lyrics herself, the main thing is her melodious voice. There are a few songs that are sung by Rihhana but originally scripted by other authors-composers. “Diamonds” was originally written for Rihanna by Sia. Sia also wrote a variety of songs for other artists. Aside from getting lyrics from others for her songs, she wrote many songs by herself.

It would be nice to say that she is an artist, who makes the most of herself by singing incredible songs. Her main purpose is the quality of the vocals that make the world and her fans crazy mad, not the lyrics. Moreover, she stated that she never received singing lessons, but in an interview, she mentioned that she had received vocal training from Ne-Yo. Although Rihanna is no less than any other artist. She’s an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Fans love Rihhana, every time she comes out with a hit album, the world gets crazy. And that’s the magic that Rihhana makes with her amazing voice.

For fans, it’s no big deal whether she writes her lyrics or not, the thing that makes it important is the way she sings. From a concert to an album, she has never failed to impress her audience. Her energetic voice and powerful performance make her unique and up the scale. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of successful singers in the music industry, but Rihhana got love and fame because of her talent. Her fans still love her, regardless of what people said about her.