Does David Dobrik speak Slovak?

David Dobrik is a 24-year-old social media entrepreneur sensation born in Slovakia. 

Most people know David’s career began at Vine and later evolved in YouTube with the Vlog squad, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Unlike most YouTubers, his video pranks are hilarious with just an infectious laugh.

His top work in social media has raised curiosity about Dobrik’s life amongst his fans. Keep reading to understand more about his life, including whether he can speak Slovak despite growing up in the USA.

Dobrik’s Early life

David Dobrik was born in Kosice, Slovakia, on July 23, 1996. David has three siblings, Esther, Sarah, and Toby.

David and his family immigrated to Chicago when he was six. He later joined Venom Hills High School, where he played tennis.

After his high school graduation, he immediately moved out with a few of his friends to Los Angeles in 2013.

How did David Dobrik get popular?

Around 2013, he discovered short six-second looping videos to share with others. He started by running different sports accounts in which he could upload sports highlights and clips.

At the time, his earnings were estimated to be between $1,500 and $2,000 per month.

Soon after branding his YouTube channel, he began to amass huge numbers of subscribers. Dobrik’s videos are primarily real-life stories, family-based pieces, and humor pieces. He is dedicated to attracting more subscribers. Thus, he constantly fills his vlogs with fresh, interesting, and humorous content.

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Does he speak Slovak?

If you are wondering whether David can speak Slovak,  Yes, he can. Slovak is Dobrik’s mother tongue and his first language. Although they moved to the USA when he was still six, he still visited his relatives in Slovakia.

In one of the interviews, he was asked why he does not have any Slovak accent; Dobrik claimed to have tried so hard to lose it. Although no one develops an accent after moving to the USA at only six, it’s just a story he likes to tell.

In addition to Slovak, Dobrik speaks Hungarian and English.

Interesting facts about David Dobrik

He dated fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy

 In 2015  he dated Koshy, but they later broke up in 2018 with an emotional break-up video on youtube. They cited their booming careers and busy schedules as a reason for their break up, but they remain to be good friends. 

His Celebrity Crush

Ariana Grande happens to be Dobrik’s celebrity crush. Dobrik liked her way before she became a pop superstar. At the time, Ariana was still on “Victorious.”

Dobrik’s first youtube video involved photocopying his butt

David made his first youtube video in 2015, all about an excellent intro. The video shows him wreaking havoc in the store, which included him falling off a  bike, hitting his head, and taking down his pants in a display copier store. 

He once convinced his friend’s brother he was invisible

David played a pranked Vardan, one of his friend’s brothers. David pranked Vardan into thinking his brother Nick Antonyan was invisible. This is one of Dobrik’s videos that went so viral.