Dmitri Snowden Net Worth

Dmitri Snowden is among the most famous celebrities of his age. He is also recognized as an entrepreneur with impeccable business acumen. 

Dmitri is currently 41 years old since born in 1981 in Cuba.

There’s so much you didn’t know about the celebrity, but not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some exciting things about Dmitri Snowden, his personal life, career and net worth!

Dmitri Snowden’s Net Worth

Currently, Dmitri Snowden has a net worth of $1 million. Primarily, Dmitri makes his money from his business ventures. It is apparent that he ranks among the most successful and famous businessmen in the world.    

Aside from his personal life, Dmitri Snowden has proven that he can work hard and smart for his cheddar!

Dmitri’s father was an immigrant and war veteran in Vietnam. On the other hand, his mother was a well-known humanitarian in America. 

When he was young, the now forty-year-old learned all there is to do with programming.

Most recently, Dmitri has been studying Quantum Mechanics. 

Currently, he ranks along with the entrepreneurs who have been linked with Fortune 500 companies. 

So famous is Dmitri that he has been ranked among the most respected celebrities globally. 


Since he was young, Dimitri has shown a keen interest in computers. Currently, the entrepreneur is the proud owner of a very successful IT company.

Aside from his fortunes with IT, Dmitri is also an ontological architect 

He is also a keen supporter of the revolutionary artificial intelligence, which he sees as the new lens of interpreting the world. 

Dmitri Snowden’s website documents all that he can do. The tool states that he can design unique experiences that influence one’s interaction with the world. 

So unique are his designs that people consider among the best in the world. 

Dmitri’s designs are renowned around the world, and he has been instrumental in branding some famous businesses in the world. 

The mercurial entrepreneur has been part of the teams that have developed interesting concepts. One notable one was developing a lithium-ion-double.

In another special achievement, the business magnate was among the founder of America’s first charter school that incorporated a wind-farm. 

Another notable invention was a rechargeable USB battery.

When he is not innovating, Dmitri is busy training martial arts. Reports state that he is a super talented player in Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai and American Boxing. 

According to him, lit took an average of twenty years to fully master these arts.

The businessman and IT guru also like racing and modeling legos. 

Personal Life

Snowden married Ashley in 2009. To date, the couple has raised three children. However, Ashley and Dmitri initially took a long time to officiate their union. 

According to reports, Ashley and Dmitri initially knew that they preferred a polygamous relationship. 

Initially, Dmitri dated Vanessa Cobbs. However, the relationship did not last long and they parted ways. 

The IT guru moved on from his broken ties with Vanessa and seems to be fairing well even after the split. He later moved on and married Ashley Snowden.

The couple has been together for ober a decade now. And even though they maintain a polygamous relationship, they still maintain a picture of a perfect marriage. 

Ashley is an experienced dancer who loves dancing and singing. Both Ashley and Dmitri preferred polygamy since they wanted to have large families. 

On often occassions, Ashley has admitted that she has no problem with her husband getting more wives. In fact, she appreciates more companionship to raise their children. 

Dmitri’s First Wife

An intriguing question then arises. Who was Dmitri’s first wife? Well, it wasn’t really Ashley. In fact, the entreprenuer began dating Ashley when he was still legally married to his first wife. 

According to Radar Online, Dmitri was married to another woman before he met Ashley. The report stated that Dmitri was married to a woman named Musawenkosi Ndlovu.

In 2013, the marriage was still on, and their marriage lasted eight years. 

Court records from Indiana reveal that the Snowden filed for divorce and separated from Ndlovu in 2003. 

However, this union did not have any children. According to speculations, the union didn’t last because of Dmitri’s desire to have a polygamous relationship.