Did Brett Goldstein Write Ted Lasso?

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world in March 2020, many people feared for their lives. Many governments imposed stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the virus.  Everybody could not imagine missing out on their favorite entertainment joints.

One of the best things that happened during then was the release of a television series dubbed Ted Lasso. The Apple TV+’s film, which debuted in the middle of the pandemic, became the most-watched television series due to its humorous storyline.  Comedy film lovers have rated the television series as one of the best films that feature talented actors such as Jason Sudeikis, Nick Mohammed, and Brendan Hunt.

The Ted Lasso film has been so successful that it has attracted millions of fans eager to watch its season 2 during the pandemic era.  It’s a comedy series that revolves around a United States Football Coach hired as the new head coach for the fictional AFC Richmond club- a club in the premier league.

Jason Sudeikis plays a starring role as Ted Lasso. The film also features a talented actor known as Brett Goldstein. Brett plays Roy Kent‘s role, a veteran football player in the English Premier League.

Goldstein’s impeccable acting skills bring out the aging footballer’s personality making the film hilarious. He fits so well in the Roy Kent character prompting a large section of the fans wondering, ‘Did Brett Goldstein write Ted Lasso?’ 

Did Brett Goldstein write Ted Lasso?

Yes. The award-winning actor Brett, featured as Roy Kent and wrote season 1 of the comic television series.  When the American television producer Bill Lawrence wanted to create Ted Lasso, he reached out to Goldstein to help him write the film. Brett, who has a wealth of experience in writing comedy skits, took up the opportunity as the writer and executive editor of the film.

In one of Brett’s interviews, he explains how he landed the Roy Kent character as the film’s season 1 writing was ongoing. He describes how he felt that he could perfectly star as Roy Kent, prompting him to record himself. Goldstein eventually sent the video to Bill Lawrence, who, after evaluating it, handed the role to him.

Brett performed well in the role, becoming a favorite fan actor. His acting prowess enabled him to win the Outstanding Supporting Actor award. He is one of the best entertainers in England.