Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a series created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and is based on a publication bearing the same name. 

Warner Bros produced it in collaboration with Archie Comics and Berlanti Productions. 

Roberto and Greg Berlanti are the show’s executive producers. 

They work with Jon Goldwater, Sarah Schechter, and Lee Toland Krieger.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a television series that has received a positive reception from many people.

It entails mystery, supernatural, drama, horror, and dark fantasy.

Many people would love to know when the fifth season will be released and the drama surrounding it. 

The story focuses on a teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman, who goes through hell to harmonize both her natural beings as a mortal and witch. 

The people close to her include Ambrose, Salem, Zelda, and Hilda. 

When she is not at Baxter High School, she is at The Academy of Unseen Arts to learn about magic. 

Her closest friends are Susie, Harvey, and Rosalinda. 

Sabrina constantly battles the evil forces she and those close to her face during their daily endeavors.

The forces are bent on weakening her and seducing her into joining their cruel world by threatening to harm her friends and family.

Under Prudence’s leadership, there are the Weird Sisters who seek to destroy her and those around her.

Mary Wendell, her adorable trainer, is Madam Satan in disguise. 

She tries to seduce Sabrina into giving up her mortality and inheriting her evil powers. 

This occurs when Sabrina confesses her feelings for Ariel, Nick’s daughter. 

After facing Satan, she claims that she is her daughter, and Nick gets thrown into hell in the final episode of season two. 

When Sabrina and her friends are asked to go to the hospital and save her lover, fans are thrilled by their grueling adventure. 

The season is characterized by Sabrina turning into a sadistic version of her previous self despite her constant attempts to conceal her powers. 

According to her, accomplishing her purpose and bearing the passionate and physical delays caused by Satan’s deceit requires sacrifices.

She also has to deal with Caliban if she is to overthrow his rule. Various elements of the City’s myths like cosmic dangers, dark magic, and the return of the ancient gods are given a lot of attention.

The season also shows the correlation to Riverdale.

The fourth season sees her and her allies going deep into the bizarre world of spells and magic. 

Release Date

The release date of the fifth season has yet to be announced.

All the seasons are on Netflix, and the fifth season will also be released on the platform.

The network states that the series will premiere in 2022. 

The first season was released in October 2018, the second season was released in April 2019, the third season was released in January 2020, and the fourth in December 2020. 

Any updates on the release of the fifth season will be updated here. 


The series’ official trailer has not been released. 

Many expect it to be released after it is made public when the series premieres. 


The following are expected to appear in season five;

Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman

Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle

Lucy Davis as Hilda Spellman

Chance Perdomo as Ambrose Spellman

Michelle Gomez as Mary Wardwell

Jaz Sinclair as Rosalind Walker

Tati Gabrielle as Prudence Night

Adeline Rudolph as Agatha

Richard Coyle as Father Faustus Blackwood

Miranda Otto as Zelda Spellman

Lachlan Watson as Theo Putnam

Gavin Leatherwood as Nicholas Scratch

Abigail Cowen as Dorcas

Tyler Cotton as Melvin

Ty Wood as Billy Marlin

Peter Bundic as Carl Tapper

Sam Corlett as Caliban

Alessandro Juliani as Dr. Cee

Christopher Rosamond as Mr. Kinkle

Jonathan Whitesell as Robin Goodfellow

Luke Cook as Lucifer Morningstar

Nelson Leis as Beelzebub

Jedidiah Goodacre as Dorian Gray

Skye P. Marshall as Mambo Marie

Em Haine as Elspeth

John Murphy as Asmodeus

Whitney Peak as Judith

Darius Willis as Judas