Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett’s Relationship Timeline

Candiace Dillard Bassett is good at making memorable entrances.

Having appeared on the Real Housewives of Potomac for some time, the TV star is not new to drama, whether on-screen or off-screen.

Her quarrels and fights with cast members have made her frequent the headlines.

Despite the constant drama and headlines, many of her fans always see her calm when she is close to her husband, Chris Bassett. 

The couple wedded in Washington, D.C., at a glamorous event.

What makes their love life special is Chris’ ability to deal with Candiace’s theatrics and tears even if he has to dodge sharp objects in the process.

Let us look at their relationship timeline.

The couple met while they were co-workers at a restaurant in Washington.


They dated for two years before Chris asked Candiace for her hand in marriage in May.


The two got married in August in an event that included 260 close friends and family members at Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium.

She revealed that when the doors opened, she could only see her future husband and it was as though their eyes were connected.

They were both crying and she had to stop and straighten her face.

She confessed that the feeling of walking towards the person who was going to be her spouse was a powerful and incredible feeling. 


When the two got married, Bassett already had three children from a previous relationship, and Candiace was always happy to be their stepmother. 

Fans got to see the kids, whom she calls ‘bonus kids.’ 

Candiace was spotted preparing their home to welcome the children.

She was heard saying, “My bonus kids are coming up now from Florida, so I want this room to feel like homey but still beautiful.”

She also decided to start her music career and released three singles.

Instead of looking for experienced entertainment managers, the multitalented reality star chose her husband to work as her manager.

Bassett admitted that he lacked the experience to be an entertainment manager and went on to joke that he had the experience to manage his wife.

There were times they were in conflict about their work differences, with Candiace revealing that her husband was sometimes hard on her.

She also stated she would not have it any other way and confessed that they form the perfect team despite reservations from her fans and her mother. 


There were rumors that Candiace was pregnant, which forced her to set the record straight on Twitter.

She revealed that people could expect anything new from her but a child.

She tweeted, “I am not [f*cking] pregnant. Stop asking. Stop assuming. Stop postulating.”

She admitted that she was not happy with the rumors since they painted a bad picture to those who were trying to get pregnant but were unable.

She went on to state that if she were to get pregnant, her fans would be the last to know, and they would go on to celebrate.

She explained that people fail to comprehend the gravity of pregnancy and having kids. 

The couple has had discussions about having children on the show, but the reality star revealed she has a lot of things she needs to do before deciding whether to have children.

She summed up her statement by saying that she was not prepared to rant about the issue, but at least it cleared the air.

She also reminded fans that even though they watch her life on TV, they do not own her, and they need to “fall the phuck back from my uterus.”

Many supported her opinion on having children.