Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden Relationship Timeline

Bryan Cranston is an actor, screenwriter, and producer famous for his performance in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad.

The talented performer was born in Hollywood, California, and is married to Robin Dearden. Regarding his personal life, the actor has experienced comedy and drama.

The drama resulted from his first marriage, and the comedy describes his current relationship with his wife; they have been together for over three decades. 

Dearden and Cranston met in 1986 as they acted in the drama Airwolf.

His role was as a villain who had hijacked a cruise.

Dearden acted as one of the sorority women, and Cranston’s character pointed a gun toward her character. 

They immediately felt connected while filming and flirted a little.

When filming ended, they returned to their partners since they were both in relationships. 


They met again and picked up from their last encounter though they were more mature.

Cranston revealed that it was fortunate they had to wait for some time to start a relationship since if they had not, Dearden felt they would not have been together for long. 

According to the actor, they were dating different people at the time, so they managed to flirt with minimal sexual urges.

This did not mean they were not attracted to each other since Cranston revealed, “but there was sexual tension, let me tell you.” 

It seemed they dated and shared a friendly kiss that ended up taking too long that they found themselves marrying. 


The actor proposed to his future wife in the bathtub.

He knew he could not contain himself if he proposed to her since he would cry, and that is why he did it in the bathtub so she could not see his tears.

He asked Dearden to remove the ring on his toe.

She revealed it was romantic and felt like a dream, but she was perplexed it was on his toe. 

He revealed that he needed to propose but was confused about how to do it.

He thought if they took a bath together, they could straddle each other, but he was busy with the candles and music.

His problem was knowing where to hide the ring, according to an interview with Page Six. 


They got married


They had their first and only child, a daughter named Taylor Dearden.

Like her parents, she loves acting and went on to appear in an episode of Breaking Bad with her mother.


Cranston made a movie for his wife titled Last Chance.


The couple attended the Met Gala Event in May and went on to do an interview together.


The couple was seen vacationing in Hawaii.

As they basked in the warm air, the actor was in great spirits in a blue shirt and shorts. 

At the time, it seemed he was taking a short break from filming Breaking Bad since he was scheduled to receive an award at the Maui Film Festival. 


The actor revealed during an interview with The Talks that they love to observe and assess other people when they are in public. 


The couple tested positive for Covid 19 though Cranston later revealed their symptoms were not severe.