What happened to Brian Baumgartner’s eyes?

Brian Baumgartner, best known for his role as Kevin Malone in ‘The Office’ film, is a center of interest to many. As one of the most successful actors, it’s only normal for you to be curious about any changes in his physical appearance, more so his eyes. Keep reading to learn more facts about Brian, including what happened to his eyes. 

How Brian Baumgartner began Acting

Brian originally intended to be a sportsman,n but a significant injury and surgery at only 13 shattered his dreams. Brian decided to follow another career path, one that turned out to be a huge success. However, he did not give up on his sports side since he became an accomplished golfer and is a huge fan of football. 

Most actors start their acting career in the theatres, and Brian was not any different. Immediately after his college degree in theatre, he relocated to Los Angeles, where his career started.

Baumgartner later transitioned to TV and film roles. One of his first roles was as Roger in the romantic comedy “Herman” in 2001. He also landed other roles in TV shows like The Lyon’s Den, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, LAX, Everwood, and Jake in Progress.

Brian’s Recent Endeavors

Although his role as Kevin Malone remains to advance his career further his biggest role ever, Brian had to advance his career further. After “The Office” ended in 2013, Brian focused on appearing in single Tv episodes.  His first major film was “Ordinary World”, further his which aired in 2016. Brian also had a role in “My Boyfriend’s Meds”, a Mexican comedy film.

In 2020, Brian hosted and served as the executive producer for “An Oral History Of The Office”, a podcast for Spotify featuring interviews with his co-stars from the show.

Currently, Baumgartner focuses on Cameo, a video-sharing website founded in 2016. Brian managed to get a 5-star rating on the platform and has attracted over 30K celebrities to sign up.

Baumgartner’s Net Worth

He has amassed a net worth of $8 million from his acting career. His role in the “Office” for the nine seasons was big enough to earn the net price. Besides, his paychecks, even after the show ended, are quite sizable.

The Cameo’s Co-founder and CEO Steven Galanis revealed that Brian was amongst the top celebrities making money on the platform. According to his profile on the platform, he charges $195 per piece. Steven Galanis revealed that Brian made more than $ 1 million in 2020. Although  25% of Brian’s earnings go back to the platform, Baumgartner took home at least $750,000. Besides, Galani’s attributed his huge patronage to his personality and claimed he was reliable.

What happened to his eyes

Brian Baumgartner’s eyes are amongst things people want to know about him since it is widely assumed that something is not right about them. In case you are wondering what may have happened to his eyes, nothing has happened to them.

Brian has his eyes in perfect conditions, and there is no solid evidence to the contrary.