Are Seinfeld and Larry David Still Friends?

Seinfeld was one of the most successful television shows. Despite the curtains closing more than two decades ago, it is still considered a masterpiece that is still being discovered by the younger generation of fans. 

The show credits its existence to the combined efforts of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, who were instrumental in making the show fun using ‘nothing.’

Many people wonder whether the two are still friends. 

Both stars are still friends, and even though they do not interact on the internet, fans have noticed that their friendship is still strong the few times they have been seen together. 

One instance is when Larry went to Seinfeld’s show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. 

This was in 2012, and Larry joined Seinfeld in the Volkswagen Beetle,

The two recalled their time working together in Seinfeld, cracked many jokes, and discussed their current lives. 

Apart from that, there aren’t many instances where both have been seen together in public. 

This does not mean they are not friends since Larry stated that there are times he looked at his relationship with Jerry when creating content for Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

They Bring Out The Best in Each Other

Their friendship is the definition of a healthy relationship.

It has gone through years of hard work in showbiz.

According to Jennifer Keishin in her book Seinfeldia: The Secret World of the Show About Nothing That Changed Everything, “Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld first noted their comedic affinity for each other when Seinfeld read some comedic material David had ‘gifted’ a friend, Carol Leifer, for her birthday.

David — nearly broke — had given Leifer some jokes as a birthday’ gift.’ Too drunk to read them aloud, she handed them off to Seinfeld; he killed, which suggested some creative potential between the two men.”

She was referring to when the two understood there was some chemistry between them that they could use. 

Their tendency to mock the mundane grew into the foundation for Seinfeld.

This helped Seinfeld grow from a little-known comedian to the famous person everyone knows today. 

It allowed him to engage in a project that he fell in love with instead of being part of television shows like The Tonight Show. 

There Have Been Tensions Between Them

There have been instances when there was tension between the two. 

Over the years, many people noticed that they were similar in the same way they were different.

Both stars do not always agree on everything, but it has not affected their friendship. 

An example is when Larry stated that he never understood why Seinfeld was more popular. 

There were times when Larry felt like quitting the show. 

Many may find it hard to believe, but Seinfeld was not always a charm.

The first two seasons had mediocre reviews, and there were a time talks of canceling it became apparent.

Lucky for them, this never materialized since many people fell in love with the show’s concept, and many of its catchphrases became part of pop culture. 

Still, there were many problems, and due to disagreements with NBC and Larry getting tired of appearing in the show, he quit while it was in its last few seasons.

He later returned to assist with the last episode, and being a co-creator, he still makes a lot of money from its syndication. 

When Larry came up with the idea of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he sought the help of his costars, including Jerry, to participate in a crossover episode. 

It is evident that despite Larry’s mixed feelings about Seinfeld, he has a lot of respect for what they created and the relationship that blossomed.