Are Diana Keaton and Michael Keaton related?

When Michael Douglas picked Keaton as his stage name, rumors of his relationship with Diana spiraled. Some thought that the two were related by blood. Others saw it as a mere name change that had nothing to do with his relationship with Diana.

But what really motivated the Keaton name change? Are the two really related? Keep reading to find out.

Diana Keaton background

Diana Keaton is an award-winning, artistic American actress. She has worked in films since the 1970s and continues to act today.

Some of her most famous films are Annie Hall, Manhattan, Reds, The Godfather Part II, Baby Boom, and Something’s Gotta Give.

She won many awards for these movies, including two Oscars (one for Best Actress), four Golden Globes (two for best comedy performance), one BAFTA Award (for supporting actress).

Diana Keaton was born to parents Diane Hall and Michael Henry Keaton, who were both actors themselves!

She appeared in her first play at age 13 under the direction of Terry Hands. This certainly helped solidify her decision to pursue acting as a career choice when she grew up! Diana also got married early, but it didn’t last so long, unfortunately. 

But hey – they had two children together (who are now grown, adults)!

Michael Douglas background

Michael Douglas is best known for his role as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. The talented actor has also proven that he can take on other great roles out there.

Michael was recently seen on the big screen opposite Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries and also starred opposite Jennifer Garner in 13 Going On 30.

He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of Howard Hughes’ The Wolf of Wallstreet (2013). This marked his first time working with the director since 1995′s CASINO, which garnered him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

He has starred in some of the most iconic films of all time, including Tim Burton’s Batman. Douglas’ performance in Batman won him a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination.

The actor also co-starred with Sir Anthony Hopkins in The Birdcage alongside Geena Davis.

 Are Diana Keaton and Michael Keaton related?

Michael Douglas Keaton and Diana Keaton are not actually related! Oddly enough, none of them was born a Keaton!

It’s feasible that you think the two are related since they are the right age to be brother and sister. In fact, Diana was already an established actress when Michael was picking a stage name! Rumour has it that Michael used Diana’s concept to pick a stage name.

Moreover, Michael was born Michael Douglas, while Diana was born Diana Hall. This makes it impossible for any blood relationship between them!

Michael Douglas and Diana Keaton are both very famous stars who reside in the world of acting! They have a lot more in common than just that, though, as they also share a first name. These two A-listers will continue to be remembered throughout history for their contributions to this industry even after they pass away!

One day I hope to meet them at an event or premiere. You can’t tell me it’s not possible, right?