Are Diana Keaton and Michael Keaton related?

When Michael Douglas picked Keaton as his stage name, rumors of his relationship with Diana spiraled.

Some thought that the two were related by blood. Others saw it as a mere name change that had nothing to do with his relationship with Diana.

But what really motivated the Keaton name change? Are the two really related?

Are Diana Keaton and Michael Keaton related?

Michael Douglas Keaton and Diana Keaton are not actually related! Oddly enough, none of them was born a Keaton!

It’s feasible that you think the two are related since they are the right age to be brother and sister. In fact, Diana was already an established actress when Michael was picking a stage name! Rumour has it that Michael used Diana’s concept to pick a stage name.

Moreover, Michael was born Michael Douglas, while Diana was born Diana Hall. This makes it impossible for any blood relationship between them!

Michael Douglas and Diana Keaton are both very famous stars who reside in the world of acting! They have a lot more in common than just that, though, as they also share a first name. These two A-listers will continue to be remembered throughout history for their contributions to this industry even after they pass away!

One day I hope to meet them at an event or premiere. You can’t tell me it’s not possible, right?