Aaron Kendrick De Niro Net Worth, Wiki, Relationship, Career & Interesting Facts

Although mostly recognized for his father’s name, Aaron Kendrick De Niro is an American actor born to the famous, now 77-year old Robert De Niro, who has featured in several movies between 1973 and 2020.

Short Bio

Full Names: Aaron Kendrick De Niro

Date of Birth: October 20, 1995

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Age: 25

Nationality: American

Profession: Actor, producer, and director

Net Worth: $500 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Religion: Roman Catholic


Aaron Kendrick De Niro is born to Robert Deniro and Toukie Smith via surrogacy.

His father, Robert, was a famous American actor and director in the movie industry. He is known for his role in movies such as Taxi Driver (1976), Cape Fear (1991), and Silver Linings Playbook (2012), which won him several awards during his prime.

Aaron’s mother, Toukie Smith, was also a popular actress and model during her time.

Toukie and Robert had a relationship that lasted for eight years, between 1988 and 1996 but never got married. 

Robert had been previously married to Diahnne Abbott before splitting. Robert De Niro had his first son, Raphael De Niro, 43, in his first marriage. He also adopted Drena, Abbot’s daughter, from her previous relationship.

Aaron has a twin brother Julian Henry.

His father is of Dutch, English, Frech, and Italian descent, while his mother is of African-American descent.

Early Life, Education

Aaron got fame even before his birth since his fathers were already in the public image. However, despite this, no information about his early life and education is known to the public. 

His parents kept a low profile about the early life of the twins and have never revealed them. 


Aaron has also kept the information about his career a secret.

We haven’t seen him follow in the footsteps of his father, Robert De Niro. His acting career has been a mystery and has never been seen featuring in any movie.

Net Worth

With an unclear career path, Aaron’s net worth is not known either. However, Aaron is rumored to have a net worth of about $500 million.


If you want to know someone that has kept almost every detail about their life from the public eye, Aaron is one of them. 

While his father loved the media and being a public figure, Aaron is just the opposite. 

Therefore, there are no details about his love life, whether he is married or has a girlfriend. He has never disclosed whether he is single too. 

We only assume that being in his prime, and a known son to the famous actor in America, many girls could be dying to hang around with him.

Aaron Kendrick’s father, Robert De Niro

As mentioned earlier, Rober De Niro made a mark in the American movie industry as one of the greatest actors.

Robert was involved in several relationships that, apart from being a father of the twins, also have two daughters, Drena De Niro and Helen Grace.

In 2018, news broke out about the star, 77, splitting with his second wife Grace Hightower, 65, after more than two decades of marriage.

Grace was the mother of Elliot De Niro, 22, and Helen De Niro,8. 

In 1999, De Niro was said to have filed a divorce and engaged in a dispute with Grace over Elliot but later reconciled in 2004.

Robert has won several awards during his career. He won the Academy Award for screen character in Bang the Drum Slowly (1973).

He also played important roles in several movies that made his name known during the time.

Some sources have reported that Robert De Niro has an estimated net worth of about $300 million.


Some sources reported Aaron living an extravagant lifestyle. In 2015, he purchased a mansion estimated to cost $39.9 million. The mansion features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, outdoor terraces, and great views of the Hudson River and Manhattan.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Today

Body measurement

Aaron has black hair and eyes. He also weighs 77kg.

Social Media

His social media accounts such us Instagram or Twitter are not known to the public at the moment.